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finally asking here

elgoog asked 3 years ago
i can’t figure it out:

one page apears in Google like this when i search for it:
ÿþ< HTML lang = " zh " > < HEAD > < meta http - equiv = " Content ...
Éb/OžŠ 0 ^/O†OžŠ 09N¥žžŠ 0 ^؁žŠ, casino chinese china < / TITLE > < meta name = " description " content = " ê1uxÇdMQ»ŒfŠ©s båN w"“ Nèl„v²}ïíŒÎWJ2b! ... – 8k – 29 dec 2005 – In cache – Gelijkwaardige pagina’s
when i click the link it appears normal,
i dont expect many visitors from it, but i want to know whats wrong?!
-is it the server nor serving the page right?
– i know the “ÿþ” at the start is the wrong reading for ltr, should i add ltr?

its a language thingy for sure, it also happens with other pages,
any help appreciated

24 Answers
Greek39 answered 3 years ago
I took a look at your source code which is fine. But when I view Google’s catch I see
0bPf}v©s¶[???vÀ‰ÞžvQæ[???bP???v_N/f N#j ÿ|_dk_N ^g—_0Rà_æ[0lQs^???v…_G0vQ!k ÿbP¡c(umiLuj–n???vÉb¯e*} R¯e_j‡sÊSJ2b‰GR ÿåNºxÝObP???v©s¶[ý€—_0R gsO???vZSi_Zj0lQs^J2b???va©(W¼e“‹ôfY???v©s¶[”“ ÿbPñmáOêS gÿna???v©s¶[MbgQ!kIQg˜bP???víŒÎW0 < p > bPôf¡cÖS< s p a n c l a s s = " c s s B o d y B o l d " > Ñyx[< / s p a n > KbÕlåNºxÝObP???vJ2blQs^ÿ < o l > < l i > < s p a n c l a s s = " c s s B o d y B o l d " > -ŠŠlQs^ÿ< / s p a n > bPíŒÎW¡c(u???vJ2bߎԚO(u N P¾|Æ[???v¨–_j_†¼x”uuhV[ R a n d o m N u m b e r G e n e r a t o r ( R N G ) ] †OºxÝOÏk NKbLrbÏk N!kòd???v°šP[GW/f¨–_jÊS NïS˜Š???v0àVdk ÿSbž_9húW‹•ËY ÿbP???vJ2b-ŠŠ¿Oò]S+TlQs^ŸS }0< / l i > < p > < l i > < s p a n Its almost like someone copied your site and Google cache the other site before your own. If you use Chinese servers don’t!!! greek39

elgoog answered 3 years ago
the point is the chinese characters are not correctly displayed by google,
how do i fix it is the question.
srry if i was not clear enough….
i use the correct language tags etc.

no scraper question
no chinese server

Greek39 answered 3 years ago
When I view your source code from google it looks fine. But when I view your source code from google cache I find something totally different.

The google cache page source code I find highly irregular. The characters I see some are sequential.

I am not willing to go any further than this. Sorry my friend I have no answers. Greek39

elgoog answered 3 years ago
anyone else has experience with foreign languages?

Greek39 answered 3 years ago
At first glance Eloog it looks cryptic language to me. I do not believe the server is doing this. I need more info, is this your site? does this language reside in your source code? what server does it reside on?

This is only speculation just going by what I see. I see a scraped site originating from a Chinese server. All Internet related suff originating from China is a very dangerous thing. The holes in their grid is enormous. Half the time China has no internet service. People from China are constantly scraping sites and are very tough to stop.

It looks intially like Html but is definately some other programming language involved here. The two languages can be mixed in this format, But for me it looks also like a malicious hack language.

This only speculation In need more info. Greek39

elgoog answered 3 years ago
Much appreciated Greek and Rickster!
go fight your own demons!!

Greek39 answered 3 years ago
Eloog we did some investigating on Google. Type on google, chinese characters not displaying properly.

If nothing else is resolved with respect to source being displayed improperly. I beleive it stems from the fact that google is not parsing the source properly from the sever to the browser.

I am fighting my own deamons so go luck!

Here a link worth visiting

One thing that is overlooked is the different routes that a binary stream encounters via search from diffrent engines. Somewhere along the stream a layer stack is not properly building the packets for resending along the route. Some where along the binary stream google search hit a sever, msn,yahoo,etc… did not encounter. The problem might be the route google delivers the binary stream from site server to your browser.

I hope this helps if not We have no clue. greek39/Rickster

elgoog answered 3 years ago
i also think its a charset problem
but i tried different ones,
and same as other stes are using, and look fine

i used notepad an safed in different formats,but nothing worked…

dudie answered 3 years ago
elgoog wrote:
i do not have acces to to the apache server…..

and note: if you click the link on Google the page is displayed correctly!

I’m quite possitve this must be a charset problem. Check the source for Google cach. It starts with ÿþ and it has also parsed other html-spec-chars.

elgoog answered 3 years ago
i do not have acces to to the apache server…..

and note: if you click the link on Google the page is displayed correctly!