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10 Easy Steps to Link Building Post Penguin

JillO asked 1 year ago
Google’s Penguin Update from 2 weeks ago is still a hot buzz item among several webmasters… even beyond the iGaming Industry.

At this point, to keep in the game, if you were hit by Penguin, you must brush yourself off and get back up again. To give some ideas for your road to recovery…

Check out 10 Easy Steps to Link Building Post Penguin

Great breakdown on what you should & should NOT be doing.

Any feedback? What can you share on how you’ve been recovering from Penguin?

3 Answers
rmeeuwsen answered 1 year ago
Re:Building high quality links

Before you swap links with someone else, do a copyscape of that site.
Why swap a link with a site that scrapes and spins content.
You are guilty by association.
It won’t be a good long term trade anyway.

PeterStillman answered 1 year ago
I understand the reason why some sites might get downgraded by Google, but what I don’t understand is how to counter tackle this. In some cases I know that I have links on spamy websites but don’t know how to remove them. It might be that some Indian ‘SEO experts’ have done a link blast on footer pages and forums. Now how do I get rid of them in order to get ranked better again in Google? Do I just ignore them and try building good links or should I switch domain and start completely fresh?

GFPC answered 1 year ago
as far as i know and tested – getting rid of links does absolutely nothing. After about 40 days.. maybe need to wait longer but i have this really bad feeling once your hit – your finished – better to 301 redirect or start over.

LOL i am selling a site for under 1K just to get rid of it… 4 months ago i was offered over 100K.

Google is out to destroy all affiliates who make money.