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Don’t use Plesk

fonzi asked 2 years ago
So I ordered a new VPS and figured I would save $10 a month for cpanel and just use plesk which is a free control panel. Here we are 3 days later and I just had to cancel the server and open a new one using cpanel.

Plesk is a nightmare to work with and not worth the aggrevation. I’ve NEVER had an issue setting up a database and connecting to it until I tried this piece of crap.

Save yourself time and aggrevation and choose cpanel from the start.

4 Answers answered 2 years ago
Yeah Plesk is a dinosaur compared to cPanel!

Miky77 answered 2 years ago
Well still Plesk is far better than some custom systems of some hosting companies :-( I had some insane experience with shared hosting providers in past 2-3 years or more

allfreechips answered 2 years ago
You need to know Linux for plesk (I don’t use it) but it can work if you know what your doing on an OS level. Cpanel is more my speed <span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” />

bertster answered 2 years ago
Plesk has improved in recent versions – but there are still sometimes when I have to search google for linux commands. cpanel more expensive I believe but worth it if you want to avoid screwing your server up – which is quite easy to do when you start playing with BASH scripting!