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Do you think the govn’t should give Wall Street the $700b?

You have affiliate marketing questions. CAP has answers!Category: Polls & SurveysDo you think the govn’t should give Wall Street the $700b?
GamTrak asked 2 years ago
I would like to hear from US and Non-US members on this.

What are your thoughts on the government bailing out Wall Street at the expense of Main Street.

Are there any better plans or alternatives to get the crisis resolved?

122 Answers
Stupid answered 2 years ago
hehe, China owns most of the US Government debt, not US businesses.
I’d be the first to claim that US Government is one of the worst, but I would take US Economy over any other country’s any day of the week.

Dominique answered 2 years ago
China is the next superpower.

They have actual real money, not fake funny money like the US prints up in the billions every day.

GamTrak answered 2 years ago
@Dominique 178358 wrote:

China is the next superpower.

They have actual real money, not fake funny money like the US prints up in the billions every day.

Yep, but not many in the wonderful USA understand or even know that this is the case. They are to busy fighting wars that are useless, using credit like it’s going out of style and putting us at more risk for ecomonic disaster.

Oh and they are also taking away more of our rights daily, like ONLINE GAMBLING and DOMAINS.

Anonymous answered 2 years ago
Hi all,

Dom’s spot on. I have a motto that if I can’t pay for it … then I don’t need it. (Housing aside).

In fact about the only thing my Dad ever used to have to say about me (that was good) was that “He doesn’t owe anything to anybody”.

And its not been that hard, you just gotta instead of setting aside whatever % of money you do now to pay credit cards etc … put that money aside so that when its time you can pay upfront and screw that high % loan stuff.

plus paying cash you can often get a much better deal, with the exception of health care. This is true … there’s a lot of doctors that won’t touch you if you don’t have insurance because they make SO much more from insurance than they do if they just charged you out in front.

Why is that you may wonder? Because nobody has the (male parts) to look another human being in the eye and say to them, “oh by the way, we’ll be charging you the equivalent of everything you own for the privlidege of dying a little less quickly and if we’re wrong and you die before we can get all that money out of you … no problem. We’ll just bill your kids.”.

Anyway about the money … you know what … I’d have no problem with spending the trillion dollars if they’d bring me W’s head on a stick. I just cannot believe how much damage this moron has done to the country with only 2 terms.

I realize its not ALL his fault … actually truth be told its his father I blame. You don’t blame the monkey if he picks up a gun and shoots somebody. You blame the person who put the monkey in a position to get a hold of the gun and W would NEVER have even been in politics let alone prez … if poppa didn’t have so much damn power and obvious apothy towards what’s best for his country.

And can you imagine what this Jeb must be like? If W was the best of the two to run for high office I am thinking to myself the next in line must be a real peach.

so what’s going on while our gov is deciding whether to spend this money or not?

I mean it seems to me that life is going on … so how does this work? If they vote no on the next round then it doesn’t pass for sure? and if that happens then the economy crashes?

btw: the first of this thread there was much talk about the “fat cats” the fat cats are the actually fat rats who have all ready jumped off the sinking ship with … well I read where one of them was suppose to get 100 million and was only able to get out with 29 million.

You know how my heart bleeds for him?

These are the people who not only should not get anything … but they ought to be put in jail … and not the vacation spa they call “minimum security” but in with the big boys. After all they were big enough to play with the big boys in the money segment.

And they damn sure did more damage than most those in the max prisons.

as somebody mentioned … those “fat cats” will just go on to live lives of luxury while not signing any more checks for the average joe.

I suppose there’s justice in Karma if nothing else. Perhaps Dick Cheney could take them all hunting? ……sigh.

GamTrak answered 2 years ago
@bb1webs 178561 wrote:

so what’s going on while our gov is deciding whether to spend this money or not?

I mean it seems to me that life is going on … so how does this work? If they vote no on the next round then it doesn’t pass for sure? and if that happens then the economy crashes?

We have no choice but to give them the money. <span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” /> We are basically screwed if we don’t so it will pass. Bush has lied to us about the economy until he just could not lie any more starting last Novermber or so. I saw a clip where time after time he said “everthing is ok”.

There may be a slight problem with this new bill due to the fact that now I hear they have added (300 hundred more pages) to the bill and it’s more money(?) and has more stipulations so God only knows how this will go, but something will be passed sooner than later.

GamTrak answered 2 years ago
The new Bailout/Rescue plan amount has been raised to $850 Billion dollars. This should be interesting to watch unfold. hehe I’m sorry, but this is just unbelievable. I can’t help but laugh to keep from crying.

Chips answered 2 years ago
If you own a biz and it craps out… tuff doodoo. THe gov’t has no business bailing out those that fail. This is capitalisim, not socialism. Cant make it? Tuff cookies!

heimdall answered 2 years ago
Surely the point here is that if nothing is done then it’s not only the banks that go under but the entire economy and you will have a massive ecomoic depression like in the 20’s. I hate the rich bankers as much as the next person but they are not the ones who will be screwed by this either way. It is the people on main street who will suffer for years to come so you’ll all just have to suck it up and pay the bill otherwise things will get much much worse. Longer terms there needs to be much more regulation of the baks so that this cr@p can’t happen again. Bottom line is you either pay $2000 now or risk loosing everything, I know we are all in the gambling industry but that is a bet which I don’t like!

AmCan answered 2 years ago
Auto Sales were down 35%, credit to average people is drying up and we’re waiving the lassiez fare flags “business are failing like they should?”. As i mentioned last week, the bailout wasn’t about saving the criminals, but protecting their victims.

How many car salespeople gamble online? How many had a good summer of selling? How many carpenters had slow summers and expect not to have work (not uncommon in the north) all winter are poker players, etc. Our friends, families, customers and some fellow webmaster depend on jobs and those jobs need credit for consumers and business to keep working. Letting us swing from a wildly loose period of credit to wildly tight period with no credit may be the “best for the market” but it sucks for the 100s of millions of people that the market is created from and supposed to serve.

The world’s economy is starting to shut down because credit is drying up. General Electric, a long time “blue chip” basically borrowed $3 billion, for 2 years from warren buffet at 10% interest, plus in the money options on 1% of the company’s stock, which are currently worth about $265 million. If GE has to pay 10% plus 10% in options, what does the used car dealer pay or the restaurant owner, etc. This will kill off jobs, kill off spending and throw the US and it’s trading partners into a huge recession/depression ala Japan since 1989.:flush:

GamTrak answered 2 years ago
Well now that our “leaders” have informed the public of exactly what is at stake then I’m sure we ALL realize that the money has to be paid, but I’m still mad about it and will continue wonder if there was a better way.

I hope that these “experts” know what they are talking about and get it right so that we can start to re-build our economy and move on.