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Do I need to worry about the sandbox?

cbwhores asked 1 year ago
My site was created back on April 10th or so and just got crawled by google and listed a few days ago which I am happy about. :clapper: I submitted it via the normal way, as well as participating in their beta sitemap program which I think helped somehow. I didn’t go crazy with linking, but did have my site showing up on crawled pages (mainly PR 2 and 3) for a few weeks before I got crawled too.

In any case, now that I am there, do I need to worry about being sandboxed or am I out of the woods so to speak? Now that I am listed I am really gonna ramp up the SEO since I am seeing some clicks for terms that I never even thought of that I inadvertently rank high on.



2 Answers
elgoog answered 1 year ago
being listed doesnt mean youre not in the sandbox

in the sandbox generally meeans not being found on you major (for all sites)
popular searchwords

so , when you see being searched for on “not have thinked of” keywords,
you are prob in tha sandbox….

srry for bad english

webber286 answered 1 year ago
If you plan on receiving traffic from Google, then you definitely need to be concerned with the sandbox. Our site has been listed on Google since January of 2005, has a PR5 and over 10,000 backlinks, and we are still buried in the sandbox. However, even though you will be in the sandbox, it takes at least a year of link building to gain search results for competitive terms anyway, so you could almost argue that the sandbox isn’t as big a deal. You will rank for non-competitive terms right away.