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Average Page Views Per Visitor

darko123 asked 2 years ago
i wonder what the average page views people get on average :notify:

So here’s a poll for it.

Please only vote if you get your stats from reliable source, for example i wouldn’t rely on awstats or webalizer which are very common as i(& is quite common knowlage) have found these to overstate visitors and pageviews by a 3 to 10 fold.

Also this is for any gambling related site/portal that is NOT mainly a forum.
As forum numbers will be very high

1 Answers
webber286 answered 2 years ago
So far in September, ours has varied from 2.10 to 4.41 per visitor (3.06 average) according to Google Analytics. I think it is also important to note that we aren’t doing any PPC at this time, which historically brings down the average viewed pages due to the large amounts of suspect traffic.