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Discuss: The Death of SEO?

Arjun asked 2 years ago
There have been so many shifts in the industry with all of these updates that google has been releasing, and I keep hearing people say that SEO is dead and social sharing is replacing it. Here is an article released by Forbes Magazine on the topic as well:

The Death Of SEO: The Rise of Social, PR, And Real Content – Forbes

What are your thoughts on this? Is it still safe to buy links, or are you better off trying to leverage social sharing more than anything else?


19 Answers
GamblingShares answered 2 years ago
SEO did not die ,Google only changed “their” rules!

EddieLV answered 2 years ago
Saying SEO is dead sounds quite ridic. It will be dead when google, yahoo and other search engines won’t be accessible. The situation is quite similar to the online poker one, game has changed and you have to adjust to it. Those who don’t adjust will go broke and those who will work hard enough, will get rewarded anyway.

Cassaon888 answered 2 years ago
The new form of SEO is content written in such a manner that it grabs Google’s attention. Other than that SEO is still pretty much alive it’s just G that levelled the playing field.

Arjun answered 2 years ago
@EddieLV 247327 wrote:

Saying SEO is dead sounds quite ridic. It will be dead when google, yahoo and other search engines won’t be accessible. The situation is quite similar to the online poker one, game has changed and you have to adjust to it. Those who don’t adjust will go broke and those who will work hard enough, will get rewarded anyway.

I agree. It seems like more than anything, SEO is simply evolving and rather than optimizing for search in the traditional ways, google is throwing some other factors into the mix that are indicators of your popularity.

I think the “SEO is Dead” thing came from people hit by penguin/panda, trying to find another way to get traffic

allfreechips answered 2 years ago
I think everyone should stop with gambling SEO and solely use facebook and what not.. Thats just my thoughts though <span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” />

Seriously though, all around approach is always necisary, no single focus in one are will work.

Nytro answered 2 years ago
Just focus on getting quality backlinks from your niche. SEO will never die. You just have to think smarter, and work harder to get the type of links that Google likes.

loranlor answered 2 years ago
The SEO today is so different from what it was when I first started it about 7 years ago.
You have no ideas how many times everything we new went out of the window and we had to learn everything from scratch.
These updates by Google have always happened and will continue to. This is their job and they’re doing it well.
Us SEO need to constantly evolve, learn how to adjust and rise from it.

brodog answered 2 years ago
Just wanted to refresh this thread and add a few thoughts. I’ve been doing seo on my own sites for years and the changes, while real, are just changes. They’re not the death knell for seo as a form of artificially ranking a site or a page for a certain search term.

The “old” days had us using seo tricks to rank pages full of ads because people would click them trying to find what they were looking for and we cashed in. Over time, people got more and more ad-blind and were increasingly hitting the back button on crap pages rather than clicking the ads.

This is where good content comes in, especially if you want visitors to your page to click your ads or affiliate links. You have to give a visitor something to read that will grab their attention so they’ll stay on your page long enough for you to pre-sell them on whatever it is your page is there to sell. It decreases bounce rate, which Google likes and also satisfies Google’s increasing thirst for more content for it to index.

But content is not everything. You still have to get people to your page to read it. It doesn’t matter if you write the most amazing articles in the world – it won’t mean a thing unless you get eyeballs reading it. To do that you need to attract visitors (traffic) and the best way to do that unless you want to pay for it is to rank it in Google.

To do that, you have to show Google that your page deserves to be ranked.

Google still uses links as its primary ranking metric (despite what Matt Cutts lies to you about). It just counts them differently. A few highly relevant, natural (looking) links are worth thousands of non-relavant, unnatural looking links. Always did to some extent, but do so much more now.

How do you get these coveted links?

Some say you shouldn’t buy them. Bull****. Buy good quality links and they will rank your site, no question. What is good quality? Those on pages with very low OBLs (outbound links), preferably your link is the only one on a page. The page has high PR and is totally relevant to your site/page and its content is original, good quality ie readable not spun crap.

A link like that can cost an arm and a leg. Or you can buy your own high PR site/domain(s), build your own high quality backlinks and cut out the uncertainty of buying links altogether. This will also cost you an arm and a leg, but less in the long run as you only have ongoing costs of hosting and domain renewal.

Whatever you do, avoid putting links on crap pages with spun content that are not relevant to your site. Avoid link farms (Google will find them and kill them – and your site by association – been there, done it, got shafted for doing it) and above all, avoid automated link building to your main site. Use tiered linking where you can (ie create links to the sites that link to your site), but above all, try and keep it as natural looking as you can and you’ll find that seo is alive and well.

That’s enough for this post.

Roulette Zeitung answered 2 years ago

long time SEO was just SEO. Many webmaster was not interested in whether the surfer had real value. The page contents were irrelevant, with no real content. The surfers often were fooled.

That has changed, fortunately. Now content ranks, good content.

Copied pages, pure SEO pages, all that now disappears in the middle of nowhere.

Latest after Panda and Penguin every webmaster have to feel that it can not go on in this way.

I’m happy with what criteria Google invests now. For me the value is the most important thing. The reader may expect good content. I have to deliver. The Internet is not a spoof. Money or not, because money is not everything.


asiababa answered 2 years ago
@David47 248335 wrote:

Top 10 SEO Mistakes You Must Avoid:
1. Duplicate Content
2. Hiding Text in Images
3. Buying Links, Link Exchanges, and Link Farms
4. Focus on the Wrong Keywords
5. Not Using ALT Tag for Images
6. Using Flash or Splash Pages
7. Use Session IDs on Your URLs
8. Wrong Redirects
9. Meta Keywords are Irrelevant
10. On-Page “Black Hat” Techniques

Hi David,

Out of 10 mistakes you mentioned can you please elaborate that what should be done instead to get the results.