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Debunking the 8 Biggest SEO Myths of All Time

JillO asked 3 years ago
OK… SEO Myths aren’t quite as exciting as, let’s say the Man From Vermont that Used His Tractor to Flatten 8 Cop Cars last week, but they are every bit as accurate.

Bottom line, SEO Myths are always out there… Take a look at the 8 Biggest SEO Myths of All time. Be honest, did you realize that all of these practices/guidelines/opinions were myths?

8 Biggest SEO Myths of All Time

1 Answers
rmeeuwsen answered 3 years ago
I agree with everything said.

Times have changed a lot in this year.
But, that’s part of the ‘fun’!

Their are still lots of crummy schemes out there trying to push some of those old worn out methods. Everyone just read the post and ‘take note’.