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PR Update?

fonzi asked 3 years ago
Did Google just update Pageranks? I’m seeing drops across several sites.

The CAP forum just went from a PR4 to a PR3

5 Answers
bonusbeast answered 3 years ago
Yeah, I noticed the update about 3 days ago, not sure exactly when it was done.

allfreechips answered 3 years ago
I see some new sites went to PR 1

Caseym answered 3 years ago
yeah there was an update <span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” />

Elisha answered 3 years ago
Yes One of my new site moved from PR0 to PR2 Best UK Bingo Sites Online ..

casinodave answered 3 years ago
I saw pr update thursday evening was kind of expecting it…goog back to being more stable/predictable (superbowl sun think feb 2, may 3rd, august 2nd)…next one on halloween any takers?

Saw some sites finally get pr after years of traffic…also some old crusty sites coming back from the dead on their own.