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Coding in general

allfreechips asked 1 year ago
What do you think about Coding today. Did we learn HTML or even go all the way to CSS to make our site ourselves and then still kick ourselves in the rear every time we need to change an affiliate URL across 30 pages. Or did you want to know how many times a link or banner was clicked on? Anything you can think of, or close to can be coded fairly easily with all the technologies today.

If you have any new project, site or just question post them here and I can give you an idea of how much work your looking at and where to learn a bit of php coding. If you into ASP i would hope you already know what your doing <span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” />

Quick thoughts on a new project.

  • What is the end result you want?
  • What parts are needed to make it happen?
  • Will you want to add more later? if so plan now
  • Get a piece of paper and make it work on that first!
2 Answers
addaminsane answered 1 year ago
can you tell us a bit about how you’re allfreechips website is coded? is it all custom?

allfreechips answered 1 year ago
Yes, Allfreechips is well a frankenstein of web site coding. I created it over the years and learned the right way of doing things after making most of it. It was first coded as a stand alone site. Then Coded to work with phpBB2. Then now coded to integrate with vBulletin. There is a long list of updates I need to do to make things better on it but its 100% custom.

The data for the site is also in a way I can export the database to all my other sites as well making updates simple.