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"Big Traffic Change Warning" Clarified

JillO asked 3 years ago
Many webmasters have reported an influx of automated messages and warnings via Google’s Webmaster Tools. The major one has been “Big Traffic Change Ahead”

Google’s Traffic Change Warnings Clarified

Of course, Google’s official statement is cryptic. But, it gives inclination that Penguin is coming, and it should be a big one.

Dare I ask… who feels ready to weather the next Penguin Update Storm?

2 Answers
allfreechips answered 3 years ago
Reading that article makes it sound like google is warning you that your traffic is going to increase, be warned you may need more server power? I would love to have that issue, but ill just lay low for now <span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” />

Elisha answered 3 years ago
People those who are new in the business like me news like these are really scary as it is hard to make out whether what we are doing is right. Lets hope it is not taking us out of business .