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cpa or rev share

grem asked 3 years ago
With so many programs either going out of business or retroactively changing their terms and conditions on affiliates the question is cpa or revenue share?
41 Answers
Notspot answered 3 years ago
I voted rev share, although I do still insist on CPA for some programs where I’m not convinced of their longevity or it’s a new relationship.

The reason I like rev share is with all the uncertainty around google nowadays if your site does inexplicably drop out of the SERP’s your rev share will keep you going while you sort things out – with CPA your income drops almost immediately.

Elisha answered 3 years ago
I like Rev Share more …but yes it depends on the program as well ..with some you just want to do RS and with some CPA..

AussieDave answered 3 years ago
Pre UIGEA days, it was not an uncommon practice for affiliates to request a 50% up front fee (normally 1/2 of the CPA on 10 players for the first month), before commencement of a CPA deal.

Though like most things it got abused and scammed.

LandofOz answered 3 years ago
I always choose rev share because it always generates more money for me in the long run. Besides, if a cpa deal doesn’t turn out to be profitable enough for the casino, then chances are that the affiliate account will either be closed or re-negotiated.

GamblingShares answered 3 years ago
totally depends on the niche and countries!

right now I do cpa’s for alot of usa allowed poker rooms

rev share on casinos as there cpa’s need to be a bit more !

Cassaon888 answered 3 years ago
@grem 244069 wrote:

With so many programs either going out of business or retroactively changing their terms and conditions on affiliates the question is cpa or revenue share?

We still prefer revenue share, however, due to the volatility of the online gambling industry at the moment we’re thinking of a hybrid CPA+revenue share.

The other alternative is to charge programs a flat fee for 6 months to a year paid upfront-the program then retains all players referred.

casinomegamall answered 3 years ago
It mostly depends upon the affiliate programs but CPA works more for me.

orbetting answered 3 years ago
if your looking for big money and can wait the long term for it too come then this is revshare all the way, quick buck CPA

AussieDave answered 3 years ago
I voted Rev Share because I believe you’ll always make more from rev share over time. A CPA is once only payment. And what if the player’s initial deposit doesn’t meet the minimum requirement to activate the CPA (click per action) deal? You get paid nothing :nervous:

I’ve seen too many horror stories associated to CPA. As an affiliate we target players, but while we hope the traffic we get is legit, we can not do anything to guarantee it. Not my fault if some group of fraudsters take a liking to my site, click through and rage havoc on a casino. There are just too many cases where CPA deals are made, to see affiliates burnt.

Besides, I’ve bagged some hefty whales over the years and it surprising how many start playing at a casino with a $50 or $100 deposit. When they’ve tested the place out and are comfortable and also know their not getting scammed and will be paid, I’ve seen their deposits go through the roof. I’d kick myself stupid if I’d sold them for a $150 etc etc CPA.

With regard to CPL, never worked with it before. I dare say you’d need a fair wack of traffic to make this viable. And again the trust factor with who ever you make the deal. You want to be able to monitor and keep a close check on the traffic/referals to prevent getting shafted.

Reiterating, never done it so can’t really say. Happy sticking with rev share.



JillO answered 3 years ago
Just wanted to surface this poll again…

In alignment with CPA… What are your thoughts and/or experience in work with Pay Per Lead (CPL) campaigns.

Like ’em? Love’ em? Hate ’em?

Pay Per Lead Programs for the iGaming Crowd

In my experience, CPL can be a tricky little game. Trust me, there can be some awesome commissions, but you really need to solidify some solid terms with the program/advertiser you’re working with so you can prevent getting burned with returns.


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