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What does a program need to do in order…

GamTrak asked 3 years ago
What does a program need to do in order to be given top exposure on your best website?

As an affiliate we are constantly bombarded with requests from affiliate managers to place there brands above the fold and it’s a dilima for me to decide. :3eyes:

What factors do you take in account and how do you decide on banner placement? Do you fall for the ‘bribes’ that you may get or just take them and thank the giver?

Do you decide by who makes you the most money or do you use that space for brands that you would like to make more money on?

7 Answers
Professor answered 3 years ago
The biggest producer gets and derserves the best placement and exposure on my sites. At the end of the day thats what we do this for; To Earn Money.


GamTrak answered 3 years ago
I’m leaning more towards just placing brands that offer my players special promotions, money makers and those that pay for spots, but I do tend to try to place a brand from an internal page that does not do to well just to give it a chance.

Dominique answered 3 years ago
Everyone starts at the bottom and works their way up, except for paid campaigns which are chosen on player satisfaction criteria.

Special promos receive special exposure, again chosen on criteria of player satisfaction.

slotplayer answered 3 years ago
The ones that are honest, pay consistently and on time get the best spots.

The ones that don’t end up in the quicksand.

Freddy N answered 3 years ago
The one which converts the best gets the best spots.

A vicious cycle some may argue….

Nandakishore answered 3 years ago
When I have a new program, I bring it to the top and keep it there for a while. If the results are good, I keep it there, else it goes down or vanishes from the homepage.

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Link exchange welcome. PM me. answered 3 years ago
Great info guys. Thank you