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Affiliate site or casino site?

senolcemrem asked 1 year ago
After reading most of the topics for last 3 months,I understand a casino guide site is more profitable than poker guide,poker is better than sportbook guide,sportsbook is better than bingo and bingo is better than game sites(backgammon,etc.)

Now I want to learn which one is better?A casino guide site or a casino affiliate site?

4 Answers
Dominique answered 1 year ago
What do you mean?

Promoting casinos or promting affiliate programs?

Casinos by far.

But – your conclusions overall are ok, except that some individuals do a lot better with sports than casino or poker etc.

People most often do best with what they can get excited about.

Bonusgeek answered 1 year ago
I thought I read from you Dom that Bingo earned you some of the best revenues. I am in the process of helping my mom build a bingo portal, I figured that would be one of the easiest nuts to crack and would give her the best shot at making a nominal income with her lack of knowledge in this industry. Lord knows she needs some kind of supplemental income coming in. I hope I am not steering her in the wrong direction. She knows absolutely nothing about anything in this industry, but I figured she could learn the bingo side of it fairly easy. She has signed up with a few bingo sites to see what they are all about, do you think I made an error in judgement putting her on Bingo given my goal and her lack of knowledge? Thanks for any insight.

Dominique answered 1 year ago
Bingo is not my best, no, casinos are.

Bingo is coming into its own though, especially Leapfrog and Revenue Giants places.

Bingo has been a long time coming and is doing ok moving right along. I think it is a good one to start with, and an excellent investment in the future.

For me Bingo is better than Poker. It also is still less competative.

Satya answered 1 year ago
As Dominique pointed out, it is actually what you are excited about works the best for you. Some prefer poker more than casino, most hate doing bingo. But there are affiliates who do very well promoting bingo. It’s all about what you are passionate about.

The stickyness and average yield per casino player is way ahead than that of a poker or sports book player. And promoting poker or sportsbook is a volumes game. If this makes sense :bigsmile:

Over all if you look at the industry an affiliate site will make more money than a affiliate forum, coz of the nature of the objectives of both ventures. Affiliate Forums are community sites with the main objective of sharing knowledge and experience, resolving issues and helping each other. This doesn’t mean the forums make less <span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” /> However compared to sites like, yes.