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rezha asked 1 year ago
Hi all,

I would like to report that doesnt convert. I spent about $4000 for 2 months and i got only 2-3 casino players. It brings usa traffic but doesnt convert. :nervous:

Any ideas which PPC SE work?

4 Answers
bingoadvantage answered 1 year ago
All ppc is brimming with fraud.

I like the following ones. 7 search, overture and miva. Maybe mamma. Bidvertiser if you have time to babysit it. Adbrite if you have time to babysit it. Goclick if you really have time to babysit it and the ability to quickly eliminate the fraudsters favourite terms (and I display banners that match the search term that they find me with which helps.) Most of the good traffic on goclick comes from a couple of sources, so once you figure out which ones they are it makes it easier.. but it is still alot of work.

I have heard that clicksor is gambling friendly, but the traffic I recieved from it was garbage. They have recently contacted me about placing ads on my site, so at least they have good taste.. maybe I just signed on before they rid the network of some hardcore fraudsters.

rezha answered 1 year ago
Does mamma allows to advertise gambling related sites at its PPC?

bingoadvantage answered 1 year ago
I have 30 bingo keywords that I have had listed with Mamma for a long time. I’ve never had to refill my initial deposit despite having top bids; therefore, there isnt any reason not to trust them.

misterDH answered 1 year ago
I spendt about $80 on google PPC a while ago… I got 2 players, one deposited $100 other player I earned $1,300 from in one month… I dunno if I was just lucky or what… anyways google deleted my ads… :cuss: