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A Male or Female Manager ??

gavin asked 2 years ago
Hi Everybody, Are there any preferences to which gender you prefer working with, Male or Female? and why? :wink-wink
18 Answers
Nandakishore answered 2 years ago
No, gender doesn’t matter at all, only the quality of the partnership between the affiliate and the affiliate manager.

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james answered 2 years ago
@ALEX777 176247 wrote:

It’s doesn’t matter for me <span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” /> I see no difference…

Well, clothes on or clothes off – no difference?

Chips answered 2 years ago
No matter to me, have good and bad in both genders. The job being done is more important to me than anything.

ALEX777 answered 2 years ago
It’s doesn’t matter for me <span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” /> I see no difference…

thisisvegas answered 2 years ago
Personally I think it helps to have a balanced team but by no means would I hire someone or want someone specifically for their gender, more interested in how well they get along with people, their experiences and skills. I think for some AM jobs a lot of multi-tasking is required and I think girls are better at it than guys are.

GamTrak answered 2 years ago
It does not matter to me, but it’s nice to know who the female AM’s are when at conferences because I feel a bit more comfortable hanging out with them then I do with the guys. Hope that’s not ‘sexist’, but it’s how I feel.

I remember my first trip to London and I had issues with internet, room, just being in a different country and it was Nicole & Deb that saved the day by taking me under their wing and turing the trip around for me. I was so frustrated that I was tempted to turn around and go back Denver the first day. LOL

That’s why their banner has been above the fold on my sites since that event. <span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” />

aksana answered 2 years ago
Don’t see any differences. It’s not important for me.

AndyScott answered 2 years ago
Yeah seriously it doesnt matter at all. I’ve had to deal with bad male and female managers but also had the pleasure to deal with great male and famale pokermanagers. Havent noticed any difference between the people based on gender.
However I have a theory that some of the female pokermanagers are actually guys who use womans name to lure in more affiliates.

gavin answered 2 years ago
lol… we are always interviewing! Know anyone? I think, in terms of the team it is always good to have a balance. Also it is a really good idea to partner affiliate managers, having a 2.I.C. so if ones away you always have a point of contact in an office at one given time. Possibly partnering a male and female… you know the ying and yang effect ??

casinobonusguy answered 2 years ago
you must be interviewing for marvyn’s job lol.The only reason i will say female is to vote for the nearly naked male hosts at cap events lol