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302 redirect – due to google penalty

orbetting asked 2 years ago
Hi All,

I think i got a goolgle penalty on the original domain, I think it could be due to some bad backlinks not sure, anyway long story short I have done a 302 redirect to Roulette Bet is this likely to cause any SEO problems?what is peoples experience with 302 redirects

thanks for the help

1 Answers
Shotgunpete answered 2 years ago
I wouldn’t do that. You could just be in a ‘penalty box’ for some reason, you could have just been caught in the ‘wave’ of google madness and will reappear soon, google is re-indexing and your site has not resurfaced yet. If goggle reads the 302 it could take longer (and you have no idea when – if ever) that site gets back on the google index

For example: one of my sites google has indexed a main page I just reworked – it show a cashe on the new content but shows the old title tag when I search <-- things, I believe, at google are a bit of a mess with the constant algo updates every couple of days and I don't think they know what's heads or tails, right or wrong, up or down.