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Site reappearing dissapearing

rob3786 asked 1 year ago
My site seems to appear for a week and dissapear for 2 weeks anyone else experience the same this has been happening for the last 2 months. Should I look at my linking structure is it to do with PR? I have updated loads of content and would have expected it to change for the better. can someone look at my link structure or what they might think may be causing the problem?


2 Answers
belgamo answered 1 year ago
If we are talking about Google.
I have seen the same thing going on for a year now, in top 10 on main keyword for several weeks then totally gone from top 1000 only to reappear a week later. I quit trying to fiquire it out.

wallstreeterww answered 1 year ago
One of my sites did this also but stayed for a few months blanked out then came back again. Like i said before, when msn takes over yahoo, i bet google will be just a bit more kinder and gentler to us webmasters.