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Please explain exactly why this ISNT shaving?

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    I think they are veering towards bankruptcy, and in times of crisis they are going to worry about their own wallets first before worrying about their affiliates.

    An average 192% bonus/manager credit on every deposit – what a bunch of bullshit. I’m sorry Professor.


    At the risk of being beat up here at CAP, the title of this thread and subsequent posts does not invite an affiliate manager to partake in a business-like discussion. I see no goal towards a resolution, merely accusations and alienating a very good affiliate manager. If I were Nicolas, I would never post here again after being told my program was subject to theivery, shaving and lying. (I know, it was nothing personal against Nicolas).

    Ok, bracing myself lol.



    Not sure why you chose to dredge this up again Joe. Your post is obviously designed to elicit a response and it appears you would like to initiate trouble. You have been issued a warning.

    Posting at CAP is a privelage not a guaranteed right. If you abuse that privelage it will be revoked. If you would like to remain here then please refrain from trying to stir up problems. Dont post taunts and then brace yourself for a response. You wont get beaten up, you will get thrown out.


    Hi Professor,

    Just to clear things up, my name is not Joe. I am responsible for my own post. It is the way I view things, not trying to initiate trouble. I won’t give any further thoughts or opinions. I recieved your pm but am unable to reply. I cannot find how to remove membership. Perhaps you could delete my membership for me? Nothing personal towards anyone.

    Best of luck.



    Looking back over the thread, Nicolas was going to come back with some explanations but then didn’t.

    When something looks very wrong with a program, we need to bring it out into the open, and there is no denying that something is very off with the manager credits here.

    That has nothing to do with accusing Nicolas of lying and cheating, I am quite sure he is not. His job is to represent his program here, and apparently the program told him to stop posting.

    Last thing I know he was going to come back on a monday after he spoke to his superiors to explain things in detail.

    This never happened.

    IMO the worst thing a program can do is to not communicate. Without input from the program, speculations abound.

    I don’t think the function of CAP is to shut up people who have complaints against a program, it is indeed to allow a platform for the parties to discuss the issue.

    It takes two to discuss. Otherwise one party is reduced to rambling on, hoping the other sees what is going on and responds.

    This is what happened here.

    I don’t think there are any bad feelings about Nicolas in person, just unanswered issues.


    Your post was an obvious taunt and attempt to start trouble and it was taken in that spirit.

    I had several long conversations with Nicolas on the phone subsequent to this thread and he is investigating the reported problems.

    Shilling isnt contributing jojo. As requested I will remove your mojo membership and the other versions you have registered under.


    Very interesting reading. Can’t wait for the updates.:fencing:


    Yes, I have been waiting for a response from Nicholas for some time… I am sure he will clarify things at some point.



    Nicolas doesn’t get time to come here much. They just got him a totally inexperienced assistant who has to learn the ropes. Talked to him yesterday.

    Try his direct line 1-800-549-7407 – Time Zone is 2 hrs behind EST



    Isn’t coming here a condition of their contract as a CAP certified program?


    I did speak to Nicolas on the phone regarding this and he indicated the following:

    1. The casino felt large bonuses were an integral part of their marketing scheme and it ws unlikely they would change this policy.

    2. He agreed that bonuses and coupons should not be used as a tool to lower affiliate commissions and he was investigating this thorughly as the possibility existed that this COULD happen with the present system. He didnt want to be part of anything like that and he seemed serious about chasing this down.

    We left off on that note.


    Sounds reasonable to me.

    I hope he digs thoroughly and reports his findings.


    Hi all,

    most know how i feel about RTG bonus/manager credits (whats the freakin’ difference?) ….

    what it boils down to IMHO …. is if a deposit total is 1000….. then the aff deserves about 25% or more from that.

    sound fair?


    I just think that there is no use promoting a program that doesn’t give you any earnings.

    Simple as that. Get rid of them. I got rid of them long ago, but if I were using them and I saw 1 month worth of this crap – they would be gone from my sites. Not sure why people are even promoting them.


    Hi All,

    I just wanted to update you on the issue of manager credits.

    I have done some extensive research and I did find a hand full of accounts where manager credits were incorrectly applied and thus affected affiliate stats.

    I have made corrections to these people’s stats and they have either been paid for the erroneous stats or are in the process of receiving that money right now.

    I have also talked to the casino manager; Terry as well as another casino manager to point out where they were incorrectly using the RTG software and I have taught them how to properly use it so that this does not happen again.

    If anyone feels his or her stats have suffered from this same issue, please send me an email and I will gladly solve any situations that may have happened.

    Kind Regards,
    Nicolas Johnson
    GamblingWages Affiliate Manager

Viewing 15 posts - 61 through 75 (of 79 total)