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CAP Audit Team – Volunteers and Leaders Needed

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    Due to the increased pressure in the marketplace it’s more important to monitor programs then ever before. When cashflow goes down people get scared and will do things they normally wouldnt in better times. The programs don’t always realize that times are tough for affiliates too. Ever penny of income we earn now is critical to keeping our businesses afloat or growing. In that spirit we are going to launch CAP Audits. Here is the basic outline of whats planned.

    CAP Audits Plan

    First we gather an independant pool of affiliate testers from the CAP member community. These testers will rotate duties monthly.

    1. Each month half the pool will be divided into affiliate test portals with the remaining half of the volunteers acting as “players.”

    2. “Players” will sign up under the affiliate link of a test portal and deposit a predetermined amount into their cashier.

    3. We will ensure all sign ups are tracked.

    4. Players will be assigned a specific slots game and began play.

    5. We will monitor game play and pay out percentage for that machine.

    6. Players will play until their cashier reaches a predefined ammount either positive or negative via a min max table supplied.

    7. Players that reach the min level (majority) will make a second deposit into their account.

    8. We will verify that the amount lost to reach the min level is properly tracked and cedited.

    9. We will verify that the second deposit is tracked and credited properly.

    10. Players who reach the max threshold will withdraw their total winnings. (Its theirs to keep)

    11. We track the time for payout to be processed and for player to receive funds.

    12. We will ensure the correct ammount of withdrawel is tracked and debited against the test portal.

    13. At all times players will forward all “bonus offers and promos” from the casino keeping an eye out for invitations to play at a different casino within the brand.

    14. When an invitation is received we will analyize the links within to ensure original affiliate is being credited for the player.

    15. We will accept the invitation of a pre defined number of casinos and make a deposit.

    16. We will ensure tracking and monies deposited are reflected at the orginal test portal account.

    17. Through out the process we will have a private discussion area at CAP where testers can interact and discuss their findings.

    18. When we have a broad enough sample of data to make error unlikely we will compile the data and generate our findings.

    19. Affiliate Programs which show discepencies will be reported to the community via the a new CAP Audit area on the forums and via our newsletter.

    20. Affiliate Programs which pass the audit with no discrepencies will be placed in a special Certified Safe” section of the CAP Audit area and appear in our newsletter. They will also recieve a CAP Audited Program seal to display on their sites which will link back to the findings page for their program.


    1. CAP will provide the deposit monies for the audit and serve as the vehicle for distribution of the findings of the independent Audit panel.

    2. CAP Volunteer Moderators are elligible to participate. Paid staff and administrators are not.

    3. Anyone caught sharing data with a program under test will be kicked out of the program and will be publicly reported on the CAP Forums.

    4. One Team Leader will be selected to present the findings. All other members of the team MUST remain confidential.

    That’s it in a nutshell. Any suggestions you have about the process or how we can make it better would be greatly appreciated.


    Count me in! :hattip:


    Sounds like a plan. :hattip:


    Professor this a great idea and something that is very needed. Really, great idea. However, I have one troublesome question… The test portal… The skeptic in me feels as if the affiliate program will know about the test portal and any players that signup through the test portal will be treated fairly, therefore the auditing would not be truly conclusive. My suggestion would be to spread the wealth. Take a few affiliates you trust and have these tests on different affiliate accounts so that the affiliate program never can tell where a test is coming from. Or something like that…


    Brilliant idea, count me in :)


    Great idea, This could turn out to be really interesting.
    I would be happy to help out.

    – Brad


    Great idea and security for your members. All affilaites here will feel very much taken care of because of things like this and i applaud you.

    i am in, and would love to take part….besides, any reason to go hit the slots is good enough for me!! lolll



    My first thought was -don’t affiliates already do this within their own business ?we have been testing for two years now and in fact several cap members test for us and we return the favor.We spend $2500+ a month on test players not to show who is cheating but to show how they treat the players after the deposits ,what do they do if a player leaves for 1 month?what sort of incentives do they provide for them to return.It is definitely a exercise I recommend all affiliates to conduct on their own on what ever scale you can afford to do it.It sure will be a interesting exercise to see results published ,we have shared our results with few people but i have found when something does not track casinos will say something like they already had an account so yours didn’t count etc.On a larger scale i suppose you would be able to pin then down to the test results.



    @casinobonusguy 183557 wrote:

    My first thought was -don’t affiliates already do this within their own business ?

    Nope, I”ve never tested and I’m not sure that the ‘average’ affiliate does either, but I could be wrong. I’ve always been one to blindly trust a program until I can see that I’m getting screwed.


    this sounds like an interesting idea. i’ld be interested in helping out with it.


    :hattip:We do small amounts of testing with our forum members already and believe me there are small amounts of players that fall through the cracks and on a bright note when they have been brought to the attention of the programs the issue has always been fixed asap.

    This is an awesome idea and I am 100% on board!


    I love the idea also. It is something I’ve always thought I should be doing, but don’t usually bother with. Count me in if there’s anything I can do to help.


    Interesting idea! Count me in, if I can help too.


    This is a great idea. I like how you not only want to cover affiliate tracking but also potential player issues as well. If I can help just let me know!!!


    Count me in! :hattip:

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 54 total)