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Whois Records Data Help

Renee asked 3 years ago
Hey guys

I was looking at a whois record this morning and saw that the creation date was in 2001 but the registration date was in 2006.

Anyone know the difference between a creation date and registration date? I initially would have thought they were the same thing. Guess not..


12 Answers
Renee answered 3 years ago
Since this is not the registrants main domain, if this were the case I would have expected the expiration date to be the same as the main domain and different to the creation date of the domain. But the creation day and expiration day are the same, just the registration day is different, not to mention 5 years after creation date.

I just went to chat to one of our IT guys who said this is just an error and the creation date and registration date of a domain are always the same.

So I guess that mystery is solved..

Phew. And I thought I would never find the answer. Bloody confusing though.

sycochicken answered 3 years ago
Thanks for letting us know!

Hey, at least you’ll be able to sleep tonight :roflmao: