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Resolution that you use

kwblue asked 1 year ago
Hello all,

I am building a couple of websites… And I just now thought to myself.. Hey, what about other resolutions??!

Typically I have not worried about it because I was working on a server with a 800×600 resolution. However, now I am working on a laptop with 1280×1024.

Sites look great on this resolution. I do not want to fix them to look good on 800×600 if I don’t have to <span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” /> They already look ok at 1024×768.

So, please take the poll for me so that I can determine a course of action!



6 Answers
antoine answered 1 year ago
Half the population still uses 800×600 last time I checked, and if you optimize websites for that resolution they look good for other screen sizes. I personally use that on my desktop and 1024 x 768 on my laptop.

sipka answered 1 year ago
You always have to take into consideration the average user, not your resolution. Maybe you can work on a 30′ Apple Cinema display, but others not. <span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” /> And if the site looks good in 800×600 than the users up to this resolution can read it well, too. People hate horizontal scrolling.

(This is the same that you can work on a T1 but a lot of ppl use dial-up, and you don’t want to lose them as a potential player just because your site uses heavy images to download, do you? <span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” />)

You can find here resolution and other statistics:

cat answered 1 year ago
The statistics I had said more than a half of all user have 1024 x 768 resoultion.
I thought that’s the future and started optimizing my sites for that size when I bought my new 1024 notebook.
My old sites that I made with my 800 notebook looked ok with my new one
because I was simply always using 100% tables.

My new site will have width 750 tables.
Thought shall be ok for the minority, too.

We have different statistics.

I think some space on the sides cannot hurt.

kwblue answered 1 year ago
Take a look at cnet’s, which was recently revamped and you will see that they are gearing towards a 1024×768 environment. So – you are probably going down the right path.


cat answered 1 year ago
But I’d prefer to use my full screen if possible.

You know I bought a 1024 notebook and see sites for 800 resoulutions.

It’s similar with TV and the 16/9 format. The black stripes on the top and the bottom.

But I think most non webmasters don’t even recognize.

You know there are scripts that know which resolution visitors have automatically to implement in your website head tag, do you.
But you’d need to create one site per resolution anyway.

kwblue answered 1 year ago
I use full screen on my main site and a second site with percentages so that it scales to all resolutions. The first site really only scales down to 1024×768, but the second will scale all the way to 800×600.

Third site is scaled purposely to 800 width. (760, really).