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Which CMS is better – Drupal, Joomla or other?

You have affiliate marketing questions. CAP has answers!Category: Polls & SurveysWhich CMS is better – Drupal, Joomla or other?
splinterfree asked 1 year ago
As most affiliates have noticed, there is a point in website’s development when it just becomes too big to manually manage without a decent Content Management System (CMS). Without one, you could spend up ridiculous amount of time updating something that could be done in 10 mins within a CMS.

Okay, so the debate is over which system is better overall in terms of usability and functionality. Drupal, joomla or some other?

Opinions needed…

20 Answers
Spearmaster answered 1 year ago
I was looking into this exact subject for a new site I needed to set up in a rush.

Drupal is more powerful, but less flexible and friendly.

Joomla is more user/operator friendly, but more difficult to work with and less flexible.

Having spent a few days with it, Joomla (or perhaps the theme I chose) is not all that friendly – and I can handle technical stuff quite well – so if Joomla is not living up to its “friendly” reputation, that doesn’t bode very well. I might have to go have a look at Drupal later but I’m on the verge of deciding that I don’t need these huge monstrosities to run a website, just like I don’t need a Ferrari to go to the corner store.

Much easier to work with a good forum software and either get an add-on or do modifications yourself. In this regard I am finding vBulletin much better than phpBB – but vB is not free, and phpBB is.

splinterfree answered 1 year ago
yea baby! we now got 1 vote for drupal! :bouncer:

deanimus answered 1 year ago
I have used drupal on one of my sites, I found it is more seo friendly then joomla and their customizeable fields make it easier for review type sites. There are so many great plugins too. Although it does take a while to get used to (even for quite experienced users)

splinterfree answered 1 year ago
from what i gathered, drupal has a very steep learning curve.

this might differ between different levels of programming, but i do think that it is not for “sane” programmers…some wicked shit…i haven’t met anybody normal who knows drupal

…its a conspiracy!

Spearmaster answered 1 year ago
Joomla will require patience – and it can be quite useful for beginners if you get used to it. But those of us who are used to writing our own scripts will probably hate it because it does not organize information in the manner we are accustomed to.

Since I don’t have time for the learning curve, and I don’t need all the functionality of Joomla, it doesn’t work for me. WordPress is less complicated and easy for most people – and the learning curve is not steep. Although it too has things I don’t need, at least I don’t waste 5 minutes every time figuring out where I need to make a change.

I don’t know Drupal yet but I suspect it would be more useful to me – yet at the moment I can’t be bothered <span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” />

Sandra2000 answered 1 year ago
I actually find Joomla very easy to use..

You have to get used to it though.. but that’s true for just about any program

fintan answered 1 year ago
My favourites are:

WordPress, Modx and Typo3

I’ve tried Drupal and Joomla, and just didnt really like them. However, thats probably more to do with my impatience than then software itself.

dogster answered 1 year ago
I tried joomla, but i stick with WordPress. If you have a bit of php knowledge (or you can get your hand on a good WP template) you can make a really good CMS out of WordPress. There are more and more articles on the web describing how to achieve that. Worth to have a look.

highroller answered 1 year ago
I use Modx on my site and overall I am happy with it although it has been a learning curve. The cool thing with Modx and in fact most CMS systems is that they are so modular in nature, in other words it is so easy to bolt things onto your site like blogs, lists of news and articles etc etc plus tag in your own specialised code like for example dynamic link directories. The other thing that I find handy is that these CMS systems come pre configured to be SEO friendly.

I would highly recomend a CMS like MODx to everyone who is not 100% compfortable in designing their site from scratch but who still wants to have a fully dynamic and friendly website.

splinterfree answered 1 year ago
thansk for the replies people. the unanimous decision was that no one (that voted) uses drupal <span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” /> haha