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pagerank update

alexross asked 1 year ago
is it going to happen? 1 month overdue already.. and plenty of talk that G are scrapping PageRank… this will of course hit a lot of link-sellers in the neck..

google have created a “google pagerank economy” – are they about to pull the rug out from under peoples feet now?

14 Answers
rob3786 answered 1 year ago
Looking forward to seeing what happens! Lets hope its all positive!

alexross answered 1 year ago
not lookin like it’s gonna happen now…
bye bye high-pagerank link-sellers.?! :wavey:

rob3786 answered 1 year ago
When do you think we are going to nitice a change in all the listings has anyone seen any more in detail reports of whats happening please post

alexross answered 1 year ago
serp rankings and listings change daily.
as for Pagerank – it’s adios amigo I suspect.

weblight answered 1 year ago
I dont think its going to happen at all, as everyone has mentioned. Besides for link selling purposes it seems rather useless.


fatbill answered 1 year ago
I’d like to hear what someone like Randy has to say about this… but I have suspected for a while that Google has not put as much importance on pagerank as they did in the past…. hmmmm

alexross answered 1 year ago
randy works for google does he?

fatbill answered 1 year ago
lol.. no Randy does not work for Google, that I am aware of.

I just have a tremedous amount of respect for his SEO knowledge and advice! ;-)

alexross answered 1 year ago
forget knowledge and advice I’ll listen to someone with RESULTS…
as for mr x and mr y’s thoughts on this – it matters not – only the boys at G know what is happening, anything else is wild speculation

fatbill answered 1 year ago
LOL… I dont think I intimated that YOU should listen to him or anyone else! :wink-wink

I’m curious what he has to say… whether or not you are is inconsequential to me! :3eyes: