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Best website designer around!

rob3786 asked 1 year ago
I have to thank website designer kundan for my website which he has built over the last couple of months. He provides great webdesign along with fast results and great customer service.
6 Answers
pearlgaming answered 1 year ago
That is a very nice looking site <span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” />

TheGooner answered 1 year ago
Sheesh …
Read an SEO article recently Rob?

I’ll also congratulation Kudan although he didn’t build my initial sports betting website or any of the labrat sites like or the online casino site at or even the poker site at

Perhaps I’ll consider consulting him over a redesign of my online gambling index page at or .. then again maybe I won’t.

Siouxzee answered 1 year ago
Gooner, no, that wasn’t the point in the post at all. It was posted in Web Design Forum, Kundan does a lot of work for a lot of webmasters here and this is a way to recommend Kundan’s services. This was done as a courtesy by a satisfied customer. But I’m sure you knew that, so I don’t really know what the motive was behind your post, unless you just happened to read a couple SEO articles…. :hehe:


TheGooner answered 1 year ago
I had just clicked on Robs the user ID and found all those posts almost identical happening to link to the site – over and over and over again ..

It sure looked like SEO 101 …

But I’m sure you checked that out …

But perhaps I’m just getting jaded having edited similar sort of comments out of blog posts trackbacks for months on end created by all sorts of robots.

Well done on the design Kundan – and I’m pleased that you like your new site Rob.

Tarzan answered 1 year ago
ill back Mr gooner up here. spammed my forum, too :dafingers



spammers should start thier own forums, but, i guess theyd never read the posts. so it wouldnt do any good, other than backlinks … but thats the point, boys, isnt it?

rob3786 answered 1 year ago
Sorry about that guys I just wanted to get people knowing about the site initially, so they could check it out and give me advice, changes to be made etc. You shall not see any more of this I can assure you. Thanks for your help so far.