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Google Adwords

Guide2casino asked 3 years ago
I tryed doing the Google Adwords thing – but It gets pulled off every time because no one clicks my add…… What did I do wrong ?

Also anyone with expiriance from the Premiere sponsor listings ? I know its minimum $5000 a month – what do one get for that amount of money ?


2 Answers
ploips answered 3 years ago
Do a search on the keywords you wish to use and look at the first few ads that come up and copy them. If that ad is working for them it will work for you.

Make sure you use exact searches in the square brackets, ie [keyword] and don’t use general terms, use as specific phrases as possible.

Put the keywords in your description somewhere because they come up in bold when someone searches them.

I have had good results following this formula: Put the title of my site in the first line. Put a question in the second line. Put a followup in the third line.

So something like this for gameboys:

Gameboy Central
Want the best gameboys ever?
Make sure to visit us today!

I hope this helps

Spade’s Casino & Sportsbook

Dominique answered 3 years ago
This sounds like wonderful advice!

I wonder if one can coop these ads? Like partner with someone and pay half each and each get half the exposure?