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What do you think are the main reasons your traffic coverts?

You have affiliate marketing questions. CAP has answers!Category: Polls & SurveysWhat do you think are the main reasons your traffic coverts?
russell@totesport asked 2 years ago
What do you think are the main reasons your traffic coverts with particular sportsbooks and affiliate programs over others? Especially with non English speaking traffic in mind.

All views on this very welcome,

Thank you


14 Answers
deanimus answered 2 years ago
I mainly only target the UK and find that brand names convert more than anything else as there is the obvious strong sense of trust that surrounds the larger brand names. Sites such as Ladbrokes, Williamhill and Bet365 are probably the best converters for me.
After that it’s mainly signup bonuses when it comes to sportsbooks with reasonable wagerinh requirements.

bonustreak answered 2 years ago
I am finding it a bit of a struggle to get the non us traffic to convert it goes slow but I can say they are good repeat customers once you do snag them.

CWC-Martyn answered 2 years ago
I thought Deanimus started this poll? :wink-wink

I think it has a lot to do with software choice and branding, such as totes, is not such a big issue. Reason I say this is that I have worked for a couple of start ups now and also on different softwares (Playtech, Micrograming and RTG) and found the start up companies converted a lot better, even after time. So its not just a case of it’s new and noone has an account.

But in order to get traffic from various geographical markets/regions you need to ensure two things, language offering/support and also trusted payment methods for that region.

russell@totesport answered 2 years ago
Thanks for the feedback, getting a good sample.

there’s a few people that have selected other on the poll, anyone care to elaborate?



mak445 answered 2 years ago
traffic coverts? its quite easy you give them what thay want
keyword: online gambling not fussy thay just want to gambel thay dont care what casino easy sign up and quick play

keyword: casino bonus thay want a list of casino bonuses mosty looking for new casinos been about a bit

brand names: easy most go to a website 7 times befor thay feel comfortable parting with there money when there new online

and so on and so on

call your self an affiliate or webmaster at the end of the your really in marketing get to know your market and what there looking for and give it to them if its going slow not converting look at your stats of your website do the keywords match your page best ? change it to give them what there looking for and bang thay convert its not rocket science its 101 marketing 10 targeted hits is better then 1000 shit hits of stuff there not looking for. non English speaking traffic ? dont go after it if you dont know it you cant give every one what thay want stick to what you know

KorvaRousku answered 2 years ago
I think it’s due the traffic who are looking good bonuses.

arkyt answered 2 years ago
OTHER – honest programs that don’t shave!

Omer 3D Poker answered 2 years ago
@KorvaRousku 230149 wrote:

I think it’s due the traffic who are looking good bonuses.

I was also looking for “bonuses”, I guess that’s most of the “other” votes.

Play answered 2 years ago
I voted other, I think that layout and textual content makes the world of difference..

Caseym answered 2 years ago
I selected other for bonuses also, if someone comes to my site looking for 5 free or free spins etc they are going to play with whoever offers them that