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Goldfinger asked 1 year ago
Is it beneficial to repeat keywords in the title such as “Online roulette – play online roulette” as opposed to “online roulette”. I think I heard that MSN likes that whereas it doesn´t make a difference with Google. What are your thoughts?
4 Answers
elgoog answered 1 year ago
not sure..
mentioning the keywords twice, does not hurt imo for G.

Greek39 answered 1 year ago
I am not an so called, “SEO expert” but why not “Online roulette – play roulette online”. Perhaps for keywords/phrases
Online roulette
play roulette online

Perhaps something too think about? But I don’t think there is anything wrong with the way you have it.


Goldfinger answered 1 year ago
Thanks, Greek!

This brings me to another seo type question I had on my mind for some time. For instance if you optimize your page name for a broad keyword like free-online-roulette.html and rank well for that wouldn´t that give you spill over traffic from the keywords free roulette, online roulette, and roulette?

Greek39 answered 1 year ago
I will take an educated guess based on what I have learnt. Say your URL is free-online-roulette.html . Set your page title to Free Online Roulette deriving phrases/ keywords just from the page title. I would try the following:

Free online roulette, online roulette, free roulette, roulette,

Not sure for the last one “roulette” it maybe classified as a keyword repeat. One is a keyword phrase the other is a keyword. There are many SEO programs that will tell you whether or not there is a problem with you keywords. The one I consider to be the best is WEBCEO. The best thing about this program there is a free edition. Takes a while to master but in the long run well worth downloading.

If you use the title Free Online Roulette make sure the content supports that title.