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The SEO Tips Thread

Arjun asked 3 years ago
What is one SEO tip that has worked for you that other iGaming SEO Affiliates could learn from?

Everyone post a tip and let’s make this a fun and knowledge filled thread! If we get to a 100, this might turn in to a great resource

I’ll start…

When you have two URL’s that are very similar, make sure you use canonical tags so that google knows which URL to pay greater attention to. For example, if you have a URL that is



If search engines see that these pages have the same content, they may index only one version for search results.

With canonical tags, site owners can specify a canonical page to search engines by adding a element with the attribute rel=”canonical” to the section of the non-canonical version of the page, such as:

1 Answers
fonzi answered 3 years ago
Since I no longer use this I guess it’s ok to share.

Here’s a way to avoid the Google sandbox.

When you buy a new domain, lets call it xyzcasino dot com

You create a subdomain on an established site in good standing with G and call the subdomain xyzcasino.establisheddomain dot com

Place a page on the subdomain with quality content, title, description, keywords, the works. Get some links going to it so G can index it.

Build your new site and make sure you use a noindex/nofollow meta tag while you’re building it.

Once Google has indexed the subdomain on the established site and your new domain is fully built out do a 301 redirect from the stablished site subdomain to the newly registered domain and voila you avoid the google sandbox.

Tip: take your time, it may take a while for Google to index the pages. Give yourself a timeframe of about a month or more. Also, make sure to leave the 301 redirect up for over 180 days.