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SEO tool for finding PR pages on a site

Goldfinger asked 3 years ago
Is there a tool to find the PR on every webpage on my website and list them or give a tree output? Normal PR checkers only work on a page by page basis which can get pretty tedious. So what I want is something like PR crawler that returns a nice list or something. Or an app that can be fed a sitemap and returns the PR for the urls provided.

Cheers! :cheesy:

3 Answers
Engineer answered 3 years ago
Yes, there is a place where you can do this.

Go to and then type site: into the search area. Order by pagerank to see the results from highest PR to lowest PR. :thumbsup:

Nauti Kitten answered 3 years ago
Thanks Engineer, what a nifty little site.

Goldfinger answered 3 years ago
Thanks a lot, Engineer!!

I knew this tool but wasn´t aware you could use the site: command.