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SEO link building question

LandofOz asked 1 year ago
If you are promoting a gambling site, then it is generally considered to be more advantageous to acquire incoming links from gambling related sites, as opposed to non-gambling related sites such as general directories.

My question is this…

Would a gambling site that has acquired a pr4 status by submitting links to general non-gambling directories be ranked lower in the SERPS compared to a gambling site that has acquired a pr4 status by swapping links with gambling related sites only?

I guess that a combination of links in gambling and non-gambling sites would best, but is there a significant difference in the SERPS between sites that have acquired pr4 and pr5 from gambling, as opposed to sites that have acquired pr4 and pr5 from non-gambling sites and directories?

7 Answers
aksana answered 1 year ago
of course it’s better to have back links from gambling sites. Search engines like when a gambling site has gambling related reciprocal links

tuleja answered 1 year ago
PR and SERP’s have little to nothing in common. A PR 2 site with good SEO will rank higher in the SERP’s than a PR 6 site with little to no SEO done. Not to mention if PR has any influence it would be google’s serps only as PR is a google thing.

It’s thought that if you have a gambling site and exchange links with other gambling sites your PR will increase faster than exchanging links with other non-gambling sites of equal caliber.

LandofOz answered 1 year ago
Thank you for your replies. tuleja, what you said makes perfect sense :hattip:

casinobonusguy answered 1 year ago
My pr2 makes 20x more than my pr6 gambling site.Pr means nothing to earning and serps .As for backlinks you need some good related links but mine are probably less than 50% gambling. Directory submissions are good ,writing articles or blogging are better ideas.

webber286 answered 1 year ago
Your question is more about will rankings be effected one way or another. Google as a search engine not only looks at links coming into your site, but also looks at the context of the link (content on that page, content on that site, what other sites are linking to that site). Early on in Google, a link was a link and it didn’t matter, now they look at neighborhoods of sites and want to know if you are in the same neighborhood as other sites you are linked with. My opinion is that you will get no benefit in the SERPS if you have all unrelated links, however, keep in mind that directory sites generally put your link into a page that has alot of other gambling related sites on it, so the page isn’t altogether unrelated. You do get plenty of benefit from those directory sites since they are one-way links, provided you have already established your neighborhood with Google. Bottom line, get related links first, track to see you are getting some sort of traction in the SERPs, then supplement those links with the directory links.

LandofOz answered 1 year ago
Thanks for your advice guys. I used to do a lot of link exchanging with other gambling related sites, but then I noticed that many of my link partners either didn’t add my link or quietly removed them shortly afterwards. Since then, I’ve been link building via article and directory submissions. They’re great ways to build one-way links and I don’t have to worry about giving other sites links and wondering whether my links have been removed or not. I still have a few gambling link partners, but then the majority of my links come from article and directory sites.

jagan answered 1 year ago
As from my experience in SEO and Links and Directory Submission work, i have seen that most of the client says that Directory Submission turned out very usefull!

In actual, the directory can be general directories, but the category where is site listed via Directory Submission, that category have more sites related to casino, gambling etc…..So the page becomes almost theme based and that link is counted as quality theme based link, secondly that these directories have almost separate IP’s and datacenters, thats the second advantage of the link from these Directories.

In some cases, i have seen saying the clients that they assume 30% OFF-PAGE SEO is done via the Directory Submisison, rest is links building, articles etc….