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SEO backlinks showing and quality

AlexTanner asked 2 years ago

I’ve got a couple of questions re backlinks – when they start to show up and their quality. Hoping someone on the forum can help.

I’ve been building some backlinks to my poker site, but some – notably the link from my Twitter feed homepage, Facebook fan page, and Google profile page – aren’t showing up. They’ve been up for about 2 months now. Other backlinks I’ve created are starting to show up, but they’re taking between 30-60 days for Google to index. Does that sound right?

Second question: if I build a backlink from Site A to my site, and use the anchor text ‘poker’, then I go back to the same page on Site A and create another link with the anchor text ‘online poker’, which one does Google see/score? (Don’t worry about the text examples, I realise I’ll never score with them, they’re just examples). And if I build the ‘poker’ link on Site A back to my site, and then go to a different page on Site A and build the ‘online poker’ link, will Google score them both? I thought Google only scored one backlink from Site A to my site (and possibly one link from Site A’s server to my site), but a friend is telling me otherwise.

Any advise/comments/assistance much appreciated.

2 Answers
ZoomAffiliates answered 2 years ago

Where are you looking for your backlinks? Have you tried looking via Yahoo site explorer. Google don’t show all backlinks to sites, in fact they only show a handfull.

On your second question. In my experience google will value all links to your site, but not necessarily equally.

Shotgunpete answered 2 years ago
The quick answer is google only thinks a link with a certain level of PR (pr 4 is the old rule of thumb) is a relevant link -that means this link will show up when you do link:www.

you might have other links, which is good, but google doesn’t think they are as important

You should also have a couple of variation for link text to your site – it is good to have poker, online poker, online poker sites etc.