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Please help me about SEO.

asked 2 years ago
I am a newbie and I need your help.

Which country where people play casino a lot?
Which search engine people often use in another country?
and key words people use to search free casino site?

Thank you for your help.

8 Answers
elgoog answered 2 years ago
language english
free casino

weblight answered 2 years ago
You have to be much more specific here, but in general the most popular SE is google. “Free casino” could be a good word, as can be “Free casino games” “Free gambling” and so on.

Goldfinger answered 2 years ago
elgoog nailed the other questions but as for the keywords:

Basically everything with a “free” could be topical free casino, free casino games, free casino money, free slots, etc.

alexross answered 2 years ago
run a query on google for “long tail keywords” , and read up on them. Targeting the long tail could quite possibly yield significantly faster results IMO.

Free x and Free y is oversaturated and will take an age to Crack – (and esp for a noob – no disrespect)

Good Luck whatever keywords you try to PWn.

itay answered 2 years ago
You have much more to learn about SEO and keyword research. I know CAP is going to put up a section where you can learn more about setting up an online affiliate business. keep track here.

jagan answered 2 years ago
Do some research on Google Keywords Tool!

RCeo answered 2 years ago

Rudolf answered 2 years ago
Read this blogg,

Purchase his book and read it!

I would choose a niche. Be strong in that one and then expand!

Also expect to work long term, no quick bucks. Så make a long term plan not just for your website or venture but also invest heavliy in your own knowledge. Read books, read blogs, try out things.