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Dominique asked 1 year ago Launched To Cover Pay Per Click Search Engine Industry

New York based MordComm, Inc. has announced the launch of, the first free, weekly-updated resource site dedicated to covering the Pay Per Click industry and helping business owners and webmasters make better decisions concerning their pay per click advertising.
Pay Per Click Universe, ( offers free resources and assistance to new and experienced PPC advertisers. These resources include original articles, interviews with the experts, unbiased reviews on dozens of various pay-per-click search engine and related tools, as well as a weekly blog written by a PPC veteran, Boris Mordkovich.

Pay Per Click Universe also offers special deals negotiated with various providers exclusively for Pay Per Click Universe audience. “PPCU is an excellent resource for novice and experienced webmasters…” says Advertiser Relations Specialist Julie M. Berezin, “…it features basic to extremely detailed information about PPC, valuable to anyone in online advertising.”

As one of the early visitors, James Shanks of Reyox Communications LLC, stated: “It’s quite amazing that in spite of the fast growth and potential of the pay-per-click industry, there are very few resources dedicated to helping new advertisers in getting started. This site seems to be filling the long-standing void.”

The founders of Pay Per Click Universe/MordComm, Inc., Boris & Eugene Mordkovich, have been involved in the pay-per-click industry for over six years. They have watched it grow from small beginnings to become one of the most exciting, effective, and challenging means of Internet marketing available today. They hope that this site will become an invaluable resource for business owners that want to sell their products and services online.

MordComm, Inc. is a New York City-based Internet firm that develops and operated high-quality services and websites that help small business owners get the most out of their online presence. It’s current ventures, and, provide small and mid-size businesses with essential tools and resources to promote and advertise themselves in the global online marketplace.

– Nov 29, 2004

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