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Paid links being reported to google

owldeath2 asked 2 years ago
Zoiks. Can’t say I blame them though, if the site is irrelevant:

May review some of my paid links after reading this.

1 Answers
splinterfree answered 2 years ago
paid links are a means of business here and everywhere else. particularly when people are obsessed with page rank. i for one paid for a link to someone on this site to get a link back from a pr7. but the traffic to that site is worse then to my pr3 site.

so its blatant manipulation of the pr factor, but then again. so many articles were written on this topic that it’s quite surprising why people/me (my only link bought) fall for it…

however, this is definitely the industry where it has full right to appear! gambling links…wooohoo

too bad everybody in this forum has their hands staid…apart from Dom (i think)…