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Question about Domain Names??????

rtb1980 asked 1 year ago

I am curious as to how important it is that your domain name contain keywords related to your site???

I ask because I am thinking about switching my site to another name that has 3 of my primary keywords, where as my current name only has 1 keyword.

Both names are .com’s with no – or #’s

My current URL is 12 letters long, 2 words one keyword…Brandable….

The new one is 21 letters long, 4 words-3keywords…..easy to remember phrase.

Or ….. would it be a good idea to go ahead and buy the new domain name and just have it point to my current site?

Will that help my site or have no effect??

Thanks for all the help.

10 Answers
rtb1980 answered 1 year ago
Anyone got any advice on this for me?? Please.

Is it better to have a URL with your keywords in it, even if it is long.


A URL that you like and can brand????

Randy answered 1 year ago
There are advantages from an SEO perspective from having your keywords in the URL, but they’re not the huge advantage that they used to be. I’d avoid having more than one hyphen in your domain though, if you can, and no hyphens and something memorable is probably better.

cookiemonster answered 1 year ago
Randy wrote:
I’d avoid having more than one hyphen in your domain though, if you can

I’m wondering, do you say that for branding purposes, or for SE’s?

Webzcas answered 1 year ago
I’m guessing Randy is referring to SE’s

rtb1980 answered 1 year ago

Do the SEO’s not like domains with hyphens??

webber286 answered 1 year ago
SE’s are fine with hyphens today, but Matt Cutts (the guy in charge of the webspam division at Google) has made several references to how spammy those sites with multiple hyphens look. So, if you connect the dots, it is possible that Google could penalize sites with multiple hyphens in the future. This is speculation of course, but since the domain name holds little to no weight in this industry, why risk it.

findbonus answered 1 year ago
Hyphens arn’t great for SEO.

Do you ever see domains with hyphens in the first search results in Google?

BJF answered 1 year ago
If you had 2 domain names that are similar are you better off setting up a mirror site or just pointing one domain to the other?

BlackjackInfo answered 1 year ago
Mirroring the same content on two sites is a bad thing, due to the duplicate filters. Unless you want to develop two independent sites, you’re better off forwarding one of the domains to the other.

LandofOz answered 1 year ago
If you have 2 duplicate sites, an alternative solution would be to use a robots.txt file to disallow google from indexing one of the sites.