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New type of seo?

Waz asked 1 year ago
More and more sites are coming up, saying they are just some pokerrule site or whatever. I alone get a invitation some every week.

The fact is that the people behind these sites are the same people behinde some of the top poker and casino sites.

My question, is this the new SEO?
Making false quality sites with a few links out, making it into the DMOZ . Good or bad?
I know what I think..

2 Answers
EyesCoffee answered 1 year ago
If what you mean is that this webmaster is making a Poker rules site, submitting it to DMOZ, and then linking from the newly listed DMOZ page to their main pages then this is not new. The problem is to do this effectively you need to the the editor so you can approve your sites straight away.

Waz answered 1 year ago
That was what i ment. Some people are making a lot of work to do this.