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keyword density

cat asked 1 year ago
As opinions are different what the best keyword density is I have set up a poll.
Maybe some even do not care about that but please vote if you do so.
I was making them up to 10% but have heard 3-5% is best.
7 Answers
Dominique answered 1 year ago
I voted that I don’t care.

I used to, and I used to optimize with that, but I have reached a point where I don’t care and it makes no difference.

If I were a new site, I would stick with 3% to 5%, like you said.

cat answered 1 year ago
I like to add that I am trying to make my sites naturally but as we know the word keyword density I wonder about it’s importance.
You know addind a keyword again or leave it away.

worldpeace answered 1 year ago
keyword density is just a myth. big G goes by other related websites %s…so there isnt really a % you should go for.

dont worry about it too much….(as long as it’s not like 50%)

webber286 answered 1 year ago
Keyword density seems to be a minor issue and the key for creating density is to make certain that Google knows what your site is about. From what I have read on SEO forums, you would want to stick to a 3% maximum to avoid any possible penalties. Keyword stuffing will get you in trouble at some point with Google.

You should also be more concerned with developing relevant content and as much of it as possible, that’s what Google and real people really like. If you have a site that has 10% keyword density, it will be about impossible for a real person to read, and that could hurt your conversion rates.

densaco answered 1 year ago
Hello to all,

What Keyword Density tool do you use or what web site do you go to for Keyword Density.

densaco answered 1 year ago

Hello and thank you very much for your reply.
I will tell why I was asking about Keyword Density.

I had two to three web sites that had Keyword Density tools and each site gives a different
(%) percentage. For the same keyword phrases on the same webpage.

Is there something I am doing wrong, or is it that the three have a different ways of working.