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Is the Google Dance Dead?

Professor asked 1 year ago
On August 11th we saw Google update back links and adjust Page Ranks (PR), but the SERPS didnt follow this update. It appears that Google is now fully committed to rolling update and has abandoned the previous monthly ritual known as “The Google Dance”.

This change began in May and after more then three months it may be time to accept the fact that the way Google indexs sites has changed and this is not merely a hiccup or temporary bump in the road. Whats your oppinion?

1 Answers
universal4 answered 1 year ago
I have to agree with you Prof.

I saw a number of sites dip severely in PR with the www….funny think all the link exchanges I have been doing the past few months I have been including the www so it should have had a boost….but alas it has hurt PR and most sites have the same PR without the www as when i started an agressive push of exchanges.

Hopefully with the next deep crawl these sites see I will see an improvement…could be my outgoing links were counted and there still isn’t much in the way of incoming links from high pr sites.