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Intructions for OFC Events

GGEwolf asked 3 years ago
Our flagship brand, Online Forum Challenge features hundreds of communities competing against each other, in a quest to find out who has the best players.

It is my honor to invite you and your community to participate in our next OFC tournaments. These fabulous events offer you a great opportunity to capture and convert new players for some fantastic affiliate revenue. Your players get to represent your web site these value added tournaments. All you have to do to participate is follow these steps:

Step 1: Email us and let us know that you wish to participate. This way we can add the name of your community to our list of sites that players can select to represent. Please include the following: Site Owner Name, Site Owner Email Address, Site Name, and Site Url.

Step 2: If you do not already have an affiliate account on the Host Site of the Event please click on CAP or PAPs links to set up your account.

Step 3: Tell all of your members. Have your members open a player account using YOUR OWN affiliate links. We’ll show you how to do this if you’re not sure.

Step 4: Then send your players to Global Gaming Events to pre-register for the next OFC Tournaments. Pre-registration for these events is required, so we can score the players and find out which communities have the best players. They will be required to enter their SCREEN NAME and the email address that they used to register their player account on the host poker site. This information is required by the poker site, so that your members will be able to register for these events.

You will also want them to select your web site to from the list of communities to represent. Here’s why: In addition the cash and prizes that have been added to the player prize pools, we add prizes to the best performing communities.

Step 5:
Generally, there are no passwords to Online Forum Challenge Events. Once pre-registration closes, the restricted list is submitted to the host site. 24 hours before the freeroll event, registration opens. Your members must manually register for the event unless otherwise noted in the details of the event.

All of the communities that participate enjoy an amazing boost of activity on their sites. These massive tournaments really pull everyone together, and help to add a sense of community to your community. There are always great prizes for the best performing communities, and some pretty nice bragging rights when your members show all of the others that you are the best of the best. This can directly assist you in acquiring new members for your community.