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PR UPdate now? pr toolbar all not available

allfreechips asked 3 years ago
Looks like we may see the old update, backlinks updated yesterday and now PR not showing on toolbar.
9 Answers
dino4949 answered 3 years ago
no updates yet, should be soon.

topboss answered 3 years ago

backlinks updated yesterday

How could you tell that the back links were updated yesterday?
Is there a specific program/tool that I can go to, to check them?

I know how to check on google etc but how do I tell if a site has increased or decreased its backlinks recently?

OBR answered 3 years ago
update was last week actually.

Shotgunpete answered 3 years ago
something was going on during the last 2-3 days
getting hits- I search for them I’m not there anymore
and then back again

algo update?

allfreechips answered 3 years ago
everything seemed to stay the same, as for backlink update, simple type in google to see the backlinks google finds important

Dominique answered 3 years ago
May just have been the extensive overhaul in the webmaster stats.

EugeneK answered 3 years ago
besides PR update any other changes?

Dominique answered 3 years ago
Look at the search query section in your google webmaster console…

nacolwhite answered 3 years ago
I am satisfied with the reply of Dominique you have to search your query in webmaster tool

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