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interesting story, is Google overstepping their bounds?

6 Answers
Dominique answered 2 years ago

BMW’s German website, which is heavily reliant on javascript code unsearchable by Google, used text-heavy pages liberally sprinkled with key words to attract the attention of Google’s indexing system.

However, once a user clicked on the link displayed in Google’s results window, they were redirected to a regular BMW Germany page, which contained far fewer of the key words.

‘Do not deceive’

A BMW spokesman admitted the company used the doorway pages, a practice known as search engine optimisation and banned by Google.

Glad to know even huge companies need to abide by the same rules we do.

jonitas answered 2 years ago
It’s sad to see how many big companies just don’t take there presence on the internet serious. I wonder how much bmw will lose with this…

seoforumz answered 2 years ago
jonitas wrote:
I wonder how much bmw will lose with this…

I wonder how much their COMPETITORS will gain from it? Muah Muah Muah :shhh:

mr.noise answered 2 years ago
BMW is back in the index.
No normal website will reinlcude in the index in under a week.

Huge companie bonus?

seoforumz answered 2 years ago
Matt Cutts talks about Recent Reinclusions ( back in Index) on his blog.

From Matt Cutts
I appreciate BMW’s quick response on removing JavaScript-redirecting pages from BMW properties. The webspam team at Google has been in contact with BMW, and Google has reincluded in our index. Likewise, has also removed similar doorway pages and has been reincluded in Google’s index.