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How many unique SE visitors per day?

Nobluff asked 1 year ago
Saw a post on how many unique a day, however I feel there should be one on SE traffic.

I would also like to know if you personally think there is a relationship between SE traffic and customers, or do you rely on other sources?

I get about 8 visitors a day from the major SE’s.

5 Answers
rob3786 answered 1 year ago
SE traffic is obviously very important but depends how it comes in. Someone may have 100 hits a day se traffic but for keywords like “free online slots” the ratio of converting players to someone who has “microgaming casinos” is going to be very different. SE traffic is obviously a good measure but not completely accurate. THe best measure is how many converting players do you take a week?

LCD answered 1 year ago
And how many real players do you get per week?

jmelwak answered 1 year ago
i usually get about 25-50 signups per month and about 200 – 300 downloads a month but for real players sometimes only 1 per month sometimes it could be as high as 5 a month for me. It really all depends on how you market and what keywords you’re trying to target. :hattip:

handkey answered 1 year ago
I get about 10 visitors a day from the major SE’s and get about 8 new players per month.

Nandakishore answered 1 year ago
I get about 10 to 30 SE visitors per day without doing any special marketing like ppc etc. It depends on current topics presented and keywords used. We have e.g. regularly info on UIGEA and we get traffic through that. But that does not mean conversion. I get about 1-2 new players every month.

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