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How many new players do you sign up……

darko123 asked 3 years ago

Just wondering how many new players do you sign up each month on average and how old is that site ?



18 Answers
bluebook answered 3 years ago
My GOAL is 2000 per month.

betsmart answered 3 years ago
well, i think a poll is a lot better, since i don’t believe many will openly post their real numbers.

darko123 answered 3 years ago
OK i have made a poll opcorn:

if you have more then 1 site, just give the average between them

PS. i know this should be in the poll section but im unable to move it

elgoog answered 3 years ago
suppose you mean depositing players ?

darko123 answered 3 years ago
yes, just depositing players <span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” />

webber286 answered 3 years ago
Ok, I’d really like to know who it getting 1001+ real money sign-ups each month. That’s simply amazing.

krystall2 answered 3 years ago

I’d really like to know who it getting 1001+ real money sign-ups each month

The question would be are they casino players or poker players

webber286 answered 3 years ago
You may want to put up a poll to answer that. You’ll get a lot more responses that way.

slotplayer answered 3 years ago

Sounds too good to be true. That’s an excellent conversion rate. But if it is great.

5,000 signups may require 500,000 click thrus.
It seems to me that about 7 to 10% of click thrus download and about 1% of that number actually become real money players. The rest just play in guest mode. Online Casinos just don’t have the same conversation rates that other markets do.

Thoughts anyone?

forfreecasinos answered 3 years ago
How do I get 5000 players a month?

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