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google web optermiser

rob3786 asked 1 year ago
Do you use this? Is it good?
9 Answers
fintan answered 1 year ago
I used to and yes its great <span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” />

Jamie answered 1 year ago
Hi Rob

How have you been? I have never used that tool but if you love stats and analysis give it a go. It never hurts to experiment, especially when the information will be valuable for your website.

rob3786 answered 1 year ago
Thanks guys

speda1 answered 1 year ago
It’s as good as any of the pay A/B testing tools out there.

Talk Casinos answered 1 year ago
Is this a tool from google or from a 3 party?

wallstreeterww answered 1 year ago
So does anyone have a longterm feedback on this tool? Let us know how it is going?

fintan answered 1 year ago
My last job I used it a lot over about a year and it works very well.

However, in order to get a truly valid test you really need to send at least 20k unique visitors to the page you are testing, in fact the more visitors the better.

Its not the best solution on the market, but its definitely the best free solution on the market.

Someone mentioned A/B testing the tool also does multi-variate testing as well.

mrfori answered 1 year ago
Yes, It’s a great free tool that allow multivariate testing (test multiple variables).

I would use it with pure ‘White Hat’ sites and remember that Google owns the data. They share it among their applications. You can’t take it with you anywhere else.

wallstreeterww answered 1 year ago
I think I will take the dip here. I dont mind learning a thing or 2, my only problem is my memory lol, but safe since i wont need that here.