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Google – the BIG question

Professor asked 2 years ago
Ok the biggest question that I have and I think this is of PRIMARY importance to all of us effected by the “Florida” update at Google…

If Your Site has been excluded/filtered/removed for a keyword term, can you get BACK in the SERPS for THAT TERM?

This is critical information, if you DO get back for a term you were blown out for PLEASE let us know. I am worried that once the filter knocks you out you may be tagged for that term filter and essentially banned [That Term(s) Only]. If that IS the case then it’s very important that we know that so we don’t waste countless hours and days modifying sites for NOTHING.

In making the changes we might actually harm our ranks for terms we DO appear in even though they are NOT our primary targeted terms.

Please let us know if you successfully get Back from a Florida exclusion. Please DO NOT tell us “I went from 30 to number 8 after I did so and so” We are talking Florida Filter exclusion for a SPECIFIC TERM.

You dont have to share How you did it. We just need to know if its possible or not.

11 Answers
Janet answered 2 years ago
yes, it is possible but it hurts my positions in the other engines ….
but who cares now , they are small players and until yahoo switches we have no choice

21gamble answered 2 years ago
My site was filtered out from its main keyword where it was doing ok.

I have done nothing to it and I have started to pop back in and out of the keword, althoug at very very bad possitions (719) and I used to be possition 50.

blackhawk answered 2 years ago
I’m back to number 1 position on all terms. I have officially “recovered” from this last fiasco…

good luck to everyone, I think it’s going back.


blackhawk answered 2 years ago
Whoops, I found a few that have not reverted.

bigcasinos answered 2 years ago
for one term i got flogged, this site had been in the top 10 for this term all year.

However brand new sites i have worked on in the last 6 months are doing better than ever.

With so many sites out of the SERPS, its probably a wise thing to start on a brand new site, albiet a site that is less over-optimized.

Breakfastman answered 2 years ago
Hi All,

After spending three weeks holiday in Southeast Asia, without touching a computer, I’m back on top for most terms, without changing a thing to my site!
For the terms that I’m not back yet: I AM back on the www-in datacenter. I guess it’s just a matter of time before I’m back on all terms.

Btw, Spearmaster> You live in a really great country! <span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” />

mongoose answered 2 years ago

If Your Site has been excluded/filtered/removed for a keyword term, can you get BACK in the SERPS for THAT TERM?


preFlorida ranked #3 and #8 (different terms), got filtered, changed seo techniques.

as of today i’m back in the rankings for the filtered terms, but with lower rankings. #12, #27. so, i might be just a bit too low for traffic, but i’m filled with hope for the next update.

Professor answered 2 years ago
I cant seem to get any of the sites blown out by Google back into SERPs. They are quality sites with high PRs tons of links and no tricks or SEO short cuts. Google simply doesnt want to display them anymore and I am at a loss of how to change that.

I am considering just optomizing these sites for Inktomi rather then continually chasing a ghost. At least if I get back in top ranking there I wont have to worry about some sadistic algo programmer laying awake nights thinking of new ways to knock me out and changing the rules every other week.

Breakfastman answered 2 years ago
Prof, did you try to get some high PR, non-recoprical inbound links? If not, let me know and see if we can do some testing.


Professor answered 2 years ago
Hi Jeff
Yes I have done that with no noticable effect as of yet.