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islandmaan asked 1 year ago
I had thought I had seen and even participated in a thread on this PPC engine before but cannot find it.

Anyhow i tried them again, put in $50 and selected some key words way off the home page and to my surprise not even have a day later the funds are depleted. I also see some members of the board bidding on top key words on the home page, it boggles my mind what funds they must go thru as I cannot envision how many clicks genie knows must say they got.

Anybody want to share their experiance with this group?


2 Answers
Doolally answered 1 year ago
I’ve had the same problem. I ran a few campaigns and the money disappeared in no time at all.

Nothing came of the campaigns either….I won’t be using them again.

Anonymous answered 1 year ago
ditto :flush: :flush: :flush: