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Genie Knows CPC

islandmaan asked 1 year ago
this search engine had a booth at the vegas CAC show, has anybody had any experiance with them?


22 Answers
arkyt answered 1 year ago

Originally posted by islandmaan
Wasn’t I surprised that within that same day, today I show 114 clicks at the word blackjack at ten cents, that is more than twice I had when my bid was over 50 cents.

😮 Thats simply CRAZY and I have experienced similar results with GoClick of late. PPC is worthless – anyone making a GOOD ROI contact me if youre for hire …

Thanks for the info – youve saved an eye <span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” />

Dominique answered 1 year ago
It doesn’t have to be a huge production. I will pay good money for the professor’s traffic any day. Or many of the other cap member’s traffic.

Why send it into space? We can keep it among ourselves. We don’t have to make a huge public production of it. We can for instance have a popup search when visitors leave our sites and keep it limited to a circle of affiliates and keep it simple.

Apples and oranges – then we are talking about a simple traffic exchange – also good. Like the Safari was meant to be. But I think it needs to be kept small and limited or it will be guaranteed to get diluted with bad traffic – which still beats ppc fraud by the way.

It just seems dumb to be spending money on ppc traffic that is riddled with fraud when we ourselves are a goldmine of good traffic.

Anyone with quality traffic can contact me – I’ll buy your exit traffic at a good price.

Professor answered 1 year ago
Thats pretty much what I was thinking also guys.

arkyt answered 1 year ago
More or less your talking about banner exchange networks – the software is readily available. Setting up an adwords type panel of ads that could be networked would be very easy to do.

However using a PPC model the cost of such a network would be very high as Antoine pointed out for some programs the click to value ratio is pretty good.

Furthermore the bottom line is that we are all in competition to get that potential player. If the traffic is actually worth anything – WHY would you want to give it to your competitors?

Sure if your traffic doesnt convert very well then taking a few dollars per click would be nice for you, but the people paying that would quickly find out that it was as worthless as the other sites selling PPC and would stop paying you.

I think this type of exchange would have a better chance of working if individuals entered into agreements on their own with others they trusted – eg that the exchange was apple for apple and not a lemon for an orange.

antoine answered 1 year ago
With good casinos I average $10 – 20 or more per click I send. I dont think I could get anywhere near that with PPC.

Professor answered 1 year ago
It sounds good, but I wouldnt be willing to sell my traffic on PPC basis unless the bids were pretty high. It is interesting though….

Does anyone know of any off the shelf software that would allow a group of sites to sell PPC ad space and divy up the proceeds to the people generating the clicks?

I know of software for a single PPC engine or site, but how would this be done over a network of sites?

Dominique answered 1 year ago
We should do our own PPC. Us at CAP. All of us together.

Circulate our own traffic.

We used to talk about that at GPWA and it never got off the ground.

Lets do it now, the time has come.

arkyt answered 1 year ago
The cost of attending the show was minimal for them if you consider that they obtained a handful of fish to deposit a few hundreds bucks or more over a few months. A nice working vacation for their crew.

Be nice to see if things keep going the way they are (PPC fraud) if they are any other PPC group are at another conference.

islandmaan answered 1 year ago
this genie group had a booth at the show in vegas and i had a long chat with the girl there explaining my concerns on the ppc industry.

She assured me she would watch my account blah blah so i took the hook again. My question is that it must have been expensive to do that show and in the end just screw us so do they get enough biz to do this?

Sparrow answered 1 year ago
I’m making decent money on PPC, but that’s in another industry…

Unfortunately, the fraud hits every industry.

I bid $.03 on an untargeted category on goclick and had click bots all over the place. for 3 frickin’ cents!

I sent findwhat a list of partners sending fraudulent clicks. It’s been at least a month without answer despite constant update requests. The partners on the list are still sending fraudulent traffic every day…

I’m trying to issue a chargeback to looksmart, but it’s been a huge hassle, and who knows where it will go?

I reported a fraudster to 7search and they agreed that the partner was sending fraudulent clicks. However, they didn’t say anything about crediting me for those clicks, nor did they mention the fate of the partner.

Honestly, this shit has to stop. How long will we all sit around and let these PPC pricks take our money? Not using them is one thing, but demanding your money back and pushing for change in the industry is better by far.

They all have anti-fraud teams, but what the hell do they actually do…? I’m not all that confident they can tell their asses from a hole in the ground, let alone detect fraud and do something about it…

The PPC industry needs a serious wakeup call. We’re only going to get more careful with our money…