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Free SEO Moz OpenSiteExplorer for 46 more hours

Gregger asked 3 years ago
This is an advanced tool they just launched. it will cost something soon, but they are giving us a free chance to use it.

You can run 3 reports as a guest and a free account will get you unlimited reports for 46 hours.

Have at it.

Open Site Explorer Link Analysis

6 Answers
Warren answered 3 years ago
Did anyone try this tool? I still prefer Majestic SEO – much cleaner interface with more robust features.

Here is an interesting read on where these tools (Majestic and SEOMoz OpenSiteExplorer) get their raw link data from, and the validity of such data: How do Majestic and LinkScape get their raw data?

casinojack answered 3 years ago
Great article, very interesting stuff.

webber286 answered 3 years ago
The article is interesting, but also seems very slanted against SEOMoz for some reason. Reading down into the comments, I think this one sums up my thoughts the best.

I hate all this “I don’t want my competitors looking at my backlinks” argument that was presented by a number of different people when Linkscape first went public. It’s like come on, it’s the internet: it’s very nature has left websites open to public inspection and I don’t see why backlinks should be any different to on-page factors. Ultimately, what a competitor can do to you, you can do to a competitor.

OSE looks like an incredible tool for serious link builders. Similar to LinkScape, but offers enough differences to make it a more useful tool in my book.

seodude answered 3 years ago
I picked up a seomoz pro membership today to play around. I will let everyone know if it is worth the 79.99 a month

Gregger answered 3 years ago
Looking forward to hearing your review SEOdude.

webber286 answered 3 years ago
It’s very much worth the money if you are spending a lot of time on SEO and link building for your websites, it’s especially worth it if you are new to SEO since they have a ton of teaching resources for paying members. That said, one of the more important tools on their site is the Open Site Explorer and you can get at most of that data with a free SEOMoz membership.