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Complete Website Designs (New Low Prices)

freydaddy asked 1 year ago
Interested in having a complete website built? Websites will include all orginal content, original graphics, meta tags, etc…. Examples of my work are below along with pricing information, contact information, and payment details. Sites NOT Limited to Gambling.

Work Examples: Please remove the x before the url.

Pricing Information:

10 Page Website: $200
25 Page Website: $400
50 Page Website: $700
75 Page Website: $1000
100 Page Website: $1200

Logo Designs: $25

Customers can give give me a list of certain pages they would like on the website and all specific instructions. Websites are done in html, i’m not a PHP coder, but can refer customers to a very reasonable priced PHP coder.

Site redesigns are negotiable:

Payment Details:

I can accept Payment from Epassporte, Pokers Stars Transfer, or Western Union. Neteller customers can deposit into Poker Stars and do a transfer. I require 1/2 of the price of the project upfront then the other 1/2 upon completion of the project.

Contact Information:

MSN Messenger: My User Name Is
Or by PM Here

1 Answers
freydaddy answered 1 year ago
Easter Special

Get $100 off any website design today only, PM or email must be received by the end of the day to take advantage, as i wont be here much today b/c i have a dinner to go to.